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VK Investigations offer an umbrella of investigative services that will help you get the answers you need. Just scroll down and look for the type of service that may achieve your goals and call us to discuss how we can help.

The services we can offer you

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Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? It’s hard to digest the fact that your spouse is cheating on you, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the red flags.

With absolute confidentiality, VK Investigations will provide:

- Surveillance and hard evidence such as Photographs and Video-footages
- Cell phone and telephone searches
- Asset searches of your spouse
- Track down vehicles
- Pre-matrimonial background check: this can be used to verify if the            person you are about to marry is who they say they are.

We hope to help and guide you to find answers during this troubled time. 



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Child custody cases happen to be one of the most sensitive type of investigation as it involves the future of a child / children. Most of these cases are dealt with swift actions by working closely with your lawyers by acting like their backbone through providing evidence. The future of a shining star is in our hand, so we want to ensure our clients full support. 

We conduct:

- Close surveillance through Photographs, Videos
- Perform Criminal Background checks
- Recover texts, photographs, and videos to support the case
- Social Media Surveillance
- Monitor and track vehicle movements
- Monitor the child
- Track and report the parent’s lifestyle 



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According to Google, over $80 billion is currently being paid out on fraudulent insurance claims paid out annually. Insurance fraud has become one of the largest issues for all insurance around the world. More fraudulent claims lead to higher premiums, as it goes hand in hand. We, at VK Investigations would like to help those individuals who are subjected to insurance frauds.

If you are, we offer a set of comprehensive services: 

- Surveillance
- Worker’s compensation
- Personal Injury
- Claims Investigation
- Accident Scene Investigation



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At VK Investigations we offer both Corporate surveillance and Domestic Surveillance. Our investigators are committed to provide with outstanding surveillance services without compromising accuracy and reliability. Our team can promise you that no laws will be broken to secure evidence. Vehicular, Social Media, Undercover surveillance will be performed.

Domestic surveillance is conducted to uncover:

- Infidelity
- Divorce Cases
- Domestic Violence
- Child Custody Cases & Visitation
- Pre-marital Criminal, Background Checks
- Child Abuse
- Violation of Restraining Order
- Nanny Cam
- Identity Theft

Corporate surveillance can expose and gain intelligence:

- Current and future internal thefts
- Industrial espionage
- Embezzlement
- Product tampering
- Counterfeit products
- Drug abuse
- False insurance claims

VK Investigations is determined to provide exhaustive corporate business surveillance services to show you what is exactly going on at your company when you are not paying attention. In case you have specific concerns or just want to keep tabs on your employees, we can obtain the information you are after. Step into the light. Contact us today.

Note: Our Private Investigators are equipped with the latest domestic surveillance and corporate surveillance equipment and techniques to acquire photos, video-footages and audio in certain cases. 



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VK Investigation holds well-established national and global relationships with other intelligence agencies which aids our private detectives to dig deeper to offer you a detailed history of individuals. This detailed background checks will make sure to uncover any skeletons your employees / potential business partners may have in their closet, which may harm you or your business. We will assist you regarding current employees and to ensure your future employees have your interests in mind before any onboarding, by conducting a thorough background check.

Pre-employment background checks include:

- Pre employment interview
- Pre employment reference verification and interviews
- Employment history
- Civil Records
- National Criminal Background Report
- Driver’s license records

Workplace investigations get the answers you need, such as:

- Defamation
- Retaliation
- Financial Fraud
- Data Theft and Manipulation
- Substance Abuse
- Violence

There have been many instances where a workplace investigation has brought an environment with safety, trust, and growth. 



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VK Investigations specializes in hidden asset searches. We can legally search for nation-wide bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, offshore accounts, home and commercial mortgages, Stockbroker accounts etc. In simple words, we can assure Evidence Collection and Analysis, Asset Tracing, Identify Misconduct to your business entity and offer litigation support.

Whether you are considering litigation or already have a judgement, private detectives at VK are experienced professionals with the capabilities and know-how to secure the necessary evidence on hidden assets. Reach out for more info.

Disclaimer: With respect to each file, VK Investigations, Inc performs these set of activities under the complete compliance of all the applicable laws in performing the search, including, without limitation, the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act (GLBA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and other State and Federal Laws.  



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Here at VK Investigations, we can assist you with the collection, preservation and securing of essential information in all forms of digital media through our digital forensics. This analyzed data can be used in a courtroom as substantial evidence, or for your own peace of mind.
Experts at VK Investigations are use effective strategies to explore archive files on your laptops, desktops, smartphones and, also detect tampering and cloning of your smart devices.

The Forensics team can assist you with

- Text-message recovery
- Social Media Investigations
- Video/Photo Recovery
- SD Card Recovery
- Laptops/Desktops/Smartphone Forensics 



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VK Investigations can work closely with Insurance carriers, TPAs, regional and national investigative vendors and conduct investigation on their behalf to evaluate the legitimacy of an alleged claim by the claimant. 

The investigations will include:

- Securing substantial a set of evidence such as photographs and videos
- Time-stamped surveillance footage and reports
- Locating and interviewing witnesses
- Scene investigations
- Witness canvass and interviews
- Covering south Florida for our partners nationwide

Whether a carrier, a TPA or another investigator, we can handle all your claims investigations needs.  



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VK Investigations specializes in tracking, locating and reporting missing person; may be your close relative, children, witnesses, or even suspects. Confidentiality remains to be the key throughout these investigations during this difficult time.

Our Private detectives understand the sensitivity and complex emotions of that is involved during a missing person’s case, and that’s why we follow through meticulous procedures to approach this investigation. We promise you that we will work tirelessly to provide you with the information you are after.  



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“Statistically speaking, on average, there are about 6 million car accidents in the U.S alone.” Unfortunately, some of the accidents leads to serious injuries and sometimes, even death.

VK Investigations help law firms and Insurance companies by determining the cause of the accident and the person responsible by investigative and accident reconstruction methods. The most common accidents are vehicular and employee accidents.

Our detectives conduct an Investigation based on:

- Witness interview,
- Analysis of Video-footage
- Photographs of the scene
- Evidence collected on the scene.

If you were ever involved in an accident and want answers, reach out to us. We might help you uncover the answers. 



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