What do we do?

It could be Criminal Background Checks, Insurance Fraud, Surveillance, Worker’s Comp to Social Media Investigations, Infidelity to Child Custody cases, VK Investigations will use their experience to bring a solution to your problem. VK Investigations, constantly invests into developing in-house surveillance tech, which allows the firm to conduct surveillance and OSINT investigations that other firms simply cannot handle. To this end, VK Investigations is guided by attorneys to obtain fundamental evidence necessary to win cases every time!  

Lead Investigator

Vitaliy Kusayev

Vitaliy Kusayev is one of the up-and-coming licensed Private Investigators and prides himself in establishing one of the most advanced and professional Private Investigative Agencies in Florida. With almost a decade of experience up his sleeve and an extensive global outreach in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan etc., Let Vitaliy Kuyasev use his un-paralleled expertise and absolute commitment to provide the best investigative results to you. Whether you need to make a tough choice at home or at work, Vitaliy can help you make an informed decision! 

FL Class A license 1800278

Investigator Sience 2008 (12yrs)

Our History

Vitaliy Kusayev began his career as a Private Investigator in New York City, working as a one-man surveillance and two-man surveillance. After years of experiance on the job, Vitaliy obtained his Private Investigator license in Florida and established his own firm, VK Investigations, Inc. in the early 2000's. One of VK Investigations core philosophy is that there is no alternative for visual evidence. With many years of experience in the field of surveillance, background investigations and social media forensics, Vitaliy takes time to share his knowledge and experience with other PI’s through his leadership, and share knowledge and results with his clients through his exceptional and effective work product.

Investigations Done Right.       
FL Class A license A 1800278 Insured and Bonded

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